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11 Minutes Theatre Co. Blows the Dust Off of ‘Fuenteovejuna’

Every day, almost, the world gives you another example of how relentless is the march of time and how foolhardy we are to try and forestall it. Dude, just eat the doughnut. Because here is what awaits: The seventeenth-century Spanish playwright Lope de Vega wrote somewhere in the neighborhood of three thousand sonnets in his lifetime, this on top of a handful of novels and novellas, three epic poems and, oh yeah, 1800 plays, more or less. Balzac blanches at that kind of productivity. And yet, how often does Lope de Vega get staged anymore – hell, how often does he get talked about anymore? The world is cold and lonely in so many ways. Which is why theater companies like 11 Minutes are so very necessary: they will sift through the stacks and come across something like Vega’s neglected Fuenteovejuna and say, “Hey, Cervantes liked this guy. Let’s do this one!” And then they do it, and for that, we should be grateful. The play’s up in Su Teatro at the Civic Center through the 2nd. Go see it. Make Cervantes proud. (FULL ARTICLE: Juliet Wittman, Westword Denver Arts)