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Til Death Do Us Part . . . You First!

OCTOBER 18-29, 2017
201 Plaza Real | Boca Raton, FL 33432
Box Office 844-672-2849


Eternal Bachelor, Peter Fogel, in his 50’s, has MAJOR commitment issues. He also senses his own mortality, and after much soul searching, decides to revisit the scene of all of his romantic disasters.

And, with that decision, he brings you his autographical tale of a comedian’s Quixote quest to finally search for the one woman who can transform his life with his hysterical multi-media solo show, “‘Til Death Do Us Part…You First!”
It’s the holidays, and Fogel is looking forward to a romantic evening with his girlfriend. Instead, she dumps him. Distraught and confused, he is visited by a Special Visitor, who mentors him on how he continually screws up his own love life.

“The longest relationship I’ve ever had is with T-Mobile!”

From the trials and tribulations of marriage…to online dating…to studying for his prostate exam…Fogel mixes his signature wit with riotous relatable characters and takes us on a whirlwind comedic journey of searching, finding…and eventually surrendering to his soulmate!

“‘Til Death Do Us Part… You First” spins a heartwarming hilarious yarn that critics have called a combination of “Dickens Christmas Carol meets Defending The Caveman!”

Young or old, divorced or married…if you’ve even been single (and that’s everyone) and want to experience (again) the feeling of finding that special person to spend the rest of your life with, then you’ll want to fasten your seat belt for 90 minutes of non-stop laughs with Peter Fogel’s “‘Til Death Do Us Part…You First.”