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A Cloud City Goes Up on the Roof of the Met

It’s getting near summer – by the calendar, at least; the weather’s not there yet, but it will be, presumably – which means that the Met is once again hauling a big sculpture up to its roof. This year’s model is Cloud City, a set of sixteen conjoined steel-and-acrylic modules that are designed to, if I read this correctly, disorient the hell out of people – these modules, essentially geodesic balls, are made of polished steel and acrylic, and they’re suspended above the roof garden, and apparently they are, in fact, designed to make the visitor feel like he or she is walking through the clouds. Or a city in the clouds. It’s the work of Tomas Saraceno, and a cursory visit to his website will probably very clearly illustrate where his interests lie; he says that in his fantasies, the whole sculpture will detach from the roof and float, in the breeze, out over Central Park, which would, were it to happen, probably still not be the most unusual thing to appear in the skies over New York this summer. (FULL ARTICLE: Carol Vogel, The New York Times)