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A Pulitzer Doesn’t Buy What it Used To in L.A.

Meet Quiara Alegria Hudes. She wrote the book for In the Heights! Also, she won the Pulitzer last year for Water by the Spoonful! She is a terrific writer and deserving of many praises. But Los Angeles doesn’t seem to care that much, because no one on the West Coast wants to stage any of Quiara’s plays, not yet anyway, even as Water gets ready to debut Off-Broadway in December. (Wait, Off-Broadway? Man, nobody cares about the Pulitzers anymore.) Anyway, voices are raised in protest and consternation about this situation, including that of Reed Johnson, straight out of the L.A. Times, who digs Water by the Spoonful muchly and will shame/guilt/urge L.A.’s theater community into staging it soon, we can only hope. (FULL ARTICLE: Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Times)