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Adamo’s ‘Lysistrata’ Amps Up Fort Worth Opera

Here’s the thing about war: It’s bad. Controversial, I know. Generally speaking, even those wars fought for absolutely noble ends are, in the end, ehhh not so much fun. Yet we still keep fightin’ ’em, keep puttin’ planes in the air and boots on the ground, to effect an end that seems murkier each day. Probably be nice if one day everyone came to realize that the fact that we can kill each other should maybe necessarily negate that we actively try to kill each other. Hey, it worked during the Cold War. That’s a pipe dream, though, and quite frankly it would probably make for a pretty boring world overall, although it might be nice to try it for a couple of years and see how it goes. Anyway, the point I was after was that Aristophanes had this whole thing sorted and solved in 400 BC, and it is just this simple: End the war, get the sex. Keep the war, no sex for you. What the hell kind of choice is that, anyway? That’s not a choice.”No thanks, I’d rather cut some dude in half with a sword, but you’re real cute all the same.” If you are a man, and you are given a choice between sex and war, and you choose war, you should probably just lay down on the ground now and wait for the end.

The second point is: this play was written 2500 years ago, and we’re still making the same mistakes. So why not laugh at it all? The Fort Worth Opera’s got Mark Adamo’s 2006 chamber opera version of Lysistrata up and boiling through Sunday. (FULL ARTICLE: Olin Chism, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)