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After Three Decades, PMA’s Sol LeWitt Garden is Finally Here

So many things, over the years, conspired to put the kibosh on Sol LeWitt’s planned Lines in Four Directions in Flowers installation/garden at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, although if you wanted to choose just one, distraction would probably be the best candidate. There was no malice involved, nothing but the best intentions, but the PMA wasn’t set up to handle these types of works thirty years ago, and the idea got shelved, temporarily, and “temporarily” has a way of getting out of hand sometimes. And time passed, as it does, but the timetable doesn’t really matter, not now, because LeWitt’s vision officially opened yesterday at the PMA, and will remain so for two years, probably, give or take. It’s right outside the museum, a third of a football field in size, even rows of indigo, yellow, white and red, alive and blooming, a vision that Sol LeWitt didn’t live to see to completion. So you should take note of it when you walk by, if you think of it. (FULL ARTICLE: Stephan Salisbury, Philadelphia Inquirer)