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Annie Leibovitz: Out of Debt, Into the Smithsonian

Annie Leibovitz came within an inch, a couple of years ago, of losing all her stuff legal claim to her work (and probably most of her stuff) because of a staggering amount of debt. She couldn’t sell her photographs, she was in hock to a shady investment firm to the tune of $15 million, her home in Greenwich Village teetered on foreclosure, it was a mess. Gawker’s got a pretty good summation of all the greasy details, if you’re inclined. She dug her way out of it via some inspiration from her late partner, Susan Sontag, and their children, and now the Smithsonian American Art Museum has the fruits of those efforts, Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage, on view through May 20. This will be a good heartwarming story of overcoming adversity until people start braying that no one is trying to buy her photographs right off the walls of the museum. Then it will be OMG Annie Leibovitz is TOTES BROKE again, because this is how news works today. (FULL ARTICLE: Brett Zongker, Associated Press)