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Art City Austin is Back

The crazed spectacle of Art City Austin, the art fair/street carnival/block party that pretty much swallows the 2nd Street District whole every spring, fires up again this weekend, with, fittingly, all sorts of oddities and mania in the offing. Like the Red Swing Project, an interactive (well, of course they are, they’re swings) street-art project that grew out of a UT architecture class and now sees red swings hung hither and yon, specifically this weekend on the mezzanine of City Hall. There are others, apparently, scattered around. Why am I describing this? You know all this already. It’s Austin. It’s spring. There’s bands and food and beer. You should go. (It’s supposed to maybe rain, though, so… you know, bring an umbrella or something. And call your mom once in awhile, she worries.) (FULL ARTICLE: Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle)