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At MICA, Slots that Once Dispensed Smokes Now Offer Art

I don’t know how it went for anyone else, but I graduated from art school about ten years ago, give or take, and to the best of my recollection, I received – drumroll, please – precisely zero advice as to how to transform my BA into something that would make me any money. This is only a slight exaggeration. So this new project that the Maryland Institute College of Art has embarked upon – a campus “Art-o-Mat”, a vintage cigarette machine that’s been repurposed as a vending machine for pocket-sized works of art by MICA students – is not only wickedly cool and creative, but it also gets up-and-coming artists used to the idea of making at least some of their work portable and palatable, in order to, you know, SELL some of it. (This is not the only Art-o-Mat in existence, but it is the only one at a school dedicated to art.) (Edward Gunts, The Baltimore Sun)