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Baryshnikov Back on the L.A. Stage in ‘Paris’

Angela Weiss/WireImage

Mikhail Baryshnikov, man. That guy’s had a life. Clive Barnes calls him “the most perfect dancer I have ever seen” in the Seventies, while he’s still at home in the Soviet Union. Then he defects while on tour in Canada, dances with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, makes his way south, joins the American Ballet Theatre, starts dancing on TV, gets nominated for an Academy Award – this is all before 1986 – becomes a U.S. citizen, etc., etc. Say “ballet” to most Americans, and he’s probably still the first name that comes to mind, such is his cultural ubiquity, even though it’s been years since he danced with any regularity. Now he’s in a play called In Paris, based on a Bunin story, at the Broad State in Santa Monica, and it’s not even gimmick casting – he barely dances in this one. It’s only open through the 21st, Angelenos. Go show Mr. Mike some love while you can. (FULL ARTICLE: Charles McNulty, Culture Monster, Los Angeles Times)