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Block Artspace’s “On Watch” Looks at The New Fearful America

The United States of America has not been the victim of a domestic terrorist attack since 9/11, a fact that seemed to sometimes get overlooked in the immediate aftermath (and by “immediate”, we’re talking, what, five years?) with all the talk of “There WILL be another attack on American soil, SOON” and the color-coded Terror Level and all that noise and nonsense. And yet, sadly, this undercurrent of paranoia and suspicion is the new normal, it appears – a certain percentage of Americans will never really rest easily again, never really trust anyone else again. And now there’s saber-rattling going on about Iran, because we sure do need another war. Anyway, there’s a great new exhibition up through the end of the month at the H&R Block Artspace, “On Watch”, that’s basically a meditation on all of this stuff. (Alice Thorson, Kansas City Star)