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BodyVox’ ‘Cutting Room’ Looks at the Ritual of the Movies

So, BodyVox has a new thing up, a hyperkinetic melange of light and sound called The Cutting Room that’s basically the Vox’ tribute to the movies. No one movie in particular, mind you; rather, the notion of movies, the magic that happens when the lights go down and the murmurs cease. Unless you’re seeing something like Meet the Spartans, in which case there is no magic and you should be ashamed of yourself, because now those guys might make another film and it will be your fault that they did. Instead of dropping thirty bucks, when all is said and done, to watch, say, Think Like a Man, which will be on DVD and On Demand in a matter of weeks, why not go see the Vox’ twirl and stretch and shimmy to quotes like “I’ll have what she’s having” and “Stella!” and maybe something about eating liver with beans and Chianti (hey, dare to dream)? Show’s up through Saturday at B/V Dance Center. (FULL ARTICLE: Bob Hicks, Oregon ArtsWatch)