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Broadway-bound ‘Nutty Professor’ Will Work Out the Kinks in Tennessee

They’re taking the old chestnut out for a spin, this time on Broadway, in the fall, but they’re going to play it over and over again this summer at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center until they get it right, we’re sorry, we haven’t specified who “they” are yet, or what the “old chestnut” is, apologies, Jerry Lewis will be directing the musical version of The Nutty Professor at TPAC beginning July 24 – tunes by Marvin Hamlisch, book and lyrics by Rupert Holmes – in prep for the fall Broadway opening. The plan is eight performances a week over the course of four weeks, thirty-two in all, and this is real show construction, as in what the show looks like on Day 1 may have nothing to do with what it looks like on Day 17. Which is pretty neat, watching a big show come together from the ground up like that. Also, Rupert Holmes is the one that wrote “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)“, which we only mention because now that it’s going to be in our heads for the rest of the day, it’s only fair to share. (FULL ARTICLE: Fiona Soltes, The Tennessean)