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Bronx Museum of the Arts Does Away with Admission Fees

Seems kind of strange, considering the economic climate, but it’s a heck of an outreach gesture: The small but well-constructed Bronx Museum of the Arts, not too terribly far from Yankee Stadium at Grand Concourse and 165th St., has announced that, effective tomorrow, admission will be free, period, for everyone, across the board, forever and evermore. BMA’s reasoning for this move is the oldest and most altruistic in the book: operating under the logic that a museum is a resource for its community, why then restrict admission only to those who can afford to pay to get in? Also, the museum’s turning 40 this year and likely wants to remind people that it still exists and in fact has a permanent collection of nearly a thousand pieces. So: the baseball season started this morning, albeit in Japan, but in a week or so the *%!&*@ Yankees will be kicking off their season, and if you’re heading up to River Ave., why not give yourself an hour or two and go check out BMA? It’s free now, have you heard? (Julia Halperin, ARTINFO)