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Bruce High Quality Foundation Launches 2012 Brucennial with Beer, Other Things

The Bruce High Quality Foundation, that Brooklyn-based posse of artistic madmen, kicked off its 2012 Brucennial on Leap Day with art from more than three hundred artists on display throughout the Foundation’s four floors of gallery space. As time goes on, the BHQF becomes more and more accepted in the wider New York art scene, which is sort of a shame, although the foundation’s members probably don’t think so, as they likely value such bourgeois things as “eating” and “paying the rent on time”. But they’re still doing some of the most interesting Art Thingstm in New York, and the Brucennial, which is one of those Things, is open Wednesday through Sunday for… awhile, I guess, who knows? Only the Bruces, and they aren’t talking. They don’t do that. (Kyle Chayka, ARTINFO)