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Buckle ye Swashes, Rogues, and Rob the Rich at Schiller Park

(Please get that.) It will, somehow, be June by the time this week ends, which not only means that – whee! – our lives are rapidly ending, but also that the weather will soon begin to get very, very hot for most of us, at least in the places where it is not already very, very hot. Schiller Park is, probably, very hot right now, at one p.m. on May 29, and is going to get hotter, it is going to roast eventually, probably in six weeks or so, but let’s not dwell on that too much just yet, summer is pretty most of the time and the sunsets are nice, and there’s lots of stuff to do outside, like go see Robin Hood, which is OH WAIT A MINUTE what this little article is about in the first place. So then: Actors’ Theatre’s season is underway, got it, with Tuck and Nottingham and all the rest, in an adaptation by Philip J. Hickman, through June 24, at the amphitheater in Schiller. Curtain’s at 8. Outdoor theater in the night, yes, this is a fine summer thing. (FULL ARTICLE: Michael Grossberg, The Columbus Dispatch)