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Call Centers Can Be Funny: Kron’s ‘Veri**on Play’ Scores at Humana Festival

Lisa Kron’s The Veri**on Play finished its run at Louisville’s Humana Festival on Sunday, but if we’re lucky and play our cards right (which is to say, do absolutely nothing, really, and react with pleasant surprise if we hear about a tour – isn’t how these things usually work?) we might get the chance to catch it somewhere else at another time, because this is the sort of play that could only have been written now, unless you want to count the fact that it can probably be written with even more vitriol in the future, when all of our phone calls will be answered by antiseptic android voices that “are sorry, but they didn’t understand that”, and no one will have reliable cable or cellphone service, and all corporations will have coalesced into one, gigantic entity that will sell you the food that gets you sick and the healthcare that will make you well. And you still won’t be able to get a human being on the phone. (FULL ARTICLE: Elizabeth Kramer, NPR)