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‘Car Talk’ Musical Coming Back To Cambridge, Cheap Tix in Tow

Whether or not you dig their particular style, the Car Talk brothers, Click and Clack (or Tom and Ray Magliozzi, if you prefer), know what they’re talking about; unsurprising, really, considering they’re both MIT graduates. Some serious brainpower emanating from the guys who named their LLC Dewey, Cheetham and Howe. (Yeah, it’s an old, classic joke. But these guys named their corporation after it.) This is clear evidence of a quirky sense of humor, it seems safe to say, one that would perhaps nicely dovetail with a musical maybe?

Okay, I’m being willfully obscure, here. Last year, Car Talk: The Musical debuted at Suffolk University, and though the Magliozzis had nothing to do with writing it, it garnered a sizable amount of notice. Also, it’s about a guy named Rusty Fenders, who drives a ’93 KIA. So there you go. Now that we’re heading back into summer, and looking for those kinds of summer diversions that amuse without causing the head to crack open like an egg, the Underground Railway Theater’s giving it another go, and if you move quickly you may be able to score some cheap seats. (FULL ARTICLE: Larry Murray, Berkshire On Stage)