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Carrie Ahern Will Dance a Dance of Meat in Chelsea

Carrie Ahern; photo by Zandy Mangold

It’s been said – somewhere, by someone, please don’t make me look it up – that dance is the most democratic of the arts, because all you really need is a body and a space in which to move. Demonstrably, this is true, but there’s also a bit of a problem with it in that it leads to, potentially, a glut of dance, with an ever-shrinking signal-to-noise ratio in accompaniment. Hence, if you’re a dancer who wants to make a real mark, why not do something like, say, set an hour-long dance in a meat market? Don’t do precisely that, though, because Carrie Ahern’s already got that covered with Borrowed Prey, a new hour-long solo piece conceived for and set in Dickinson’s Farmstand Meats at the Chelsea Market. Ahern’s done her homework, too; she butchers a fifty-pound lamb carcass during the show. (FULL ARTICLE: Leigh Witchel, The New York Post)