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Chicago Survives the Marilyn Statue, Which Moves On to L.A.


Last summer, they installed a huge statue of Marilyn Monroe on Michigan Avenue, which was very controversial from the moment it was welded into place in the middle of Pioneer Square, mostly because why did anyone think that was a good idea? Michigan Avenue doesn’t need the increased foot traffic. You put it in Logan Square, you might have something. More than that, the fact that all of a sudden, right in the middle of downtown Chicago, 26 feet of Marilyn Monroe was frozen in the midst of trying – and failing – to keep her skirt from flying up, never mind the fact that The Seven Year Itch, the film that features the legendary subway grate scene, was set in New York. Also, here’s Marilyn Monroe basically mooning the Mag Mile, which could be construed as just a little tacky, if you were in the right frame of mind, but lots of people came and took pictures of themselves leering up at a big bronze lady’s panties, and that is something we humans can be excessively proud of. The statue’s leaving for Palm Beach on Monday, so anyone still hankering for an upskirt shot had better get moving. (FULL ARTICLE: Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune)