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‘Clerks’ on Broadway In Two Years? Maybe

Guess how many movies Kevin Smith has made. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Yes, Kevin Smith, the guy from Jersey with the beard.

Okay, this is taking too long. Ten, is the answer. Kevin Smith has made ten feature-length films, including the one where Alanis Morrissette plays God. (Which was a pretty decent film, incidentally.) And yet more and more it seems that the one that’s really going to last is the one that he shot in 1993 at the convenience store where he worked, the one that cost twenty-five grand and starred all amateurs, the black-and-white one. The first one. Clerks. Credit to him for not worrying the issue too much – if that’s the one that sticks, then by God Kevin Smith is going to stick with it. Hence, the news that he’s working on bringing Clerks┬áto Broadway in 2014, in time for the film’s 20th anniversary. (FULL ARTICLE: Jamie Wetherbe, Culture Monster, Los Angeles Times)