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Come On, Get “Happy” on February 11

From Roko Belic's "Happy"

Filmmaker Roko Belic, who in 1999 was nominated for an Oscar, along with his brother, for their documentary Genghis Blues, has had a new film, Happy, floating around since last spring. Technically, it was released, albeit to a mere twenty theaters around the country; it’s still not on DVD. Roko Belic wasn’t much of a fan of this state of affairs, which is to be expected, and so now he’s got this little idea in his head that February 11 should become known as “World Happy Day”. (Not like there’s much competition; does February even exist most years? There’s the Super Bowl, and… what? The Oscars. Okay. Two things.) In order to help cement this idea, Belic’s offering his film up for coordinated screenings around the world on that day. There are differing rates for different exhibitors, and anyone is eligible to helm a screening. I’m happier already. (FULL ARTICLE: Miguel Gonzalez Jr., Speakeasy, Wall Street Journal)