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Cranbrook Academy of Art Exposes Its Grad Students

photo Daniel Mears/The Detroit News

Pull your minds out of the gutter. What Cranbrook is doing does not involve yards and yards of sweaty, pasty art-student flesh. What it does involve is a look behind the scenes at how art students work, in their Eero Saarinen studios, with paints and puppets and stuff all strewn about. This isn’t the sort of thing that happens all that often, mostly because art students are like gophers and dive underground when the lights are shone on them, and also don’t bother them because they are working, thank you. (No one ever wants to go watch the business majors working.) And Matt Glass’ puppet over there is creepy and awesome enough all by itself to warrant heading out to Cranbrook on Sunday. (FULL ARTICLE: Michael H. Hodges, The Detroit News)