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Detroit Institute of Arts Is Starting to Worry About Its Collection

Even with the auto industry’s dramatic upswing, the city of Detroit is still broke enough that it’d be out rattling a cup if it could find one big enough. Setting aside for now the long-term implications of such a protracted economic shortfall, in the near term Detroit needs some money, fast, and it hasn’t escaped members of the city’s brain trust that there’s a tremendous cash cow sitting right downtown on the walls of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Any rumor of a sale would likely cause gnashing and wailing from some of DIA’s biggest patrons, though, which means that if anything winds up happening, it’s not going to happen for a long time. Of course, right now this leaves Detroit – which, as we’ve said, needs money, please – still looking for a big enough cup. (FULL ARTICLE: Laura Berman, The Detroit News)