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“Diner” Musical Is Go, Will Open in S.F. This Fall

There’s been talk of turning Barry Levinson’s legendary 1982 film Diner into a musical for, oh, what, a while now, but it looks like it’s actually going to happen. (With music by Sheryl Crow? Who knew.) It’s set to open at the Curran Theater in San Francisco in the fall, in advance of a proposed run on Broadway next spring. And no one will sing about the Baltimore Colts, which is apparently still a sore subject for Mr. Levinson, which, okay, but, ah, now you’ve got the Ravens, and they’ve won a Super Bowl since they arrived, and they’re really the Browns when you scratch away the purple paint, and Cleveland’s never won the Super Bowl, so tough noogies to your Colts, Mr. Levinson. (Jill Rosen, Baltimore Sun)