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Exposition Light Rail Threatens Bergamot Station Arts Center

The good news is that the Exposition Light Rail will connect L.A. with Santa Monica and, in some measure, presumably, reduce gridlock/pollution/reliance on fossil fuels/etc./and so forth. These are things that are most likely going to become rather necessary on a much wider scale as we charge forth into the future, which is probably not going to bring us jetpacks or pneumatic tubes. Oh, well, trains are good, too. There is, though, the slight problem of the extant art space in the old Bergamot Station, which has become kind of a vital cultural outpost in Santa Monica and gets hundreds of thousands of visitors annually; speculation is that increased development will bring an increase in rent, because that is what always happens always, and there’s a distinct possibility that the galleries might be priced out of the old station, or might suffer an equally ignoble fate. The 12000-square-foot Track 16 art space is already gone, as of August, to make room for a new platform. (FULL ARTICLE: Carren Jao, The Art Newspaper)