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Fantagraphics reanimates Walt Kelly’s “Pogo”

Fantagraphics Books has been doing yeoman’s work in the field of comics and graphic novels for decades now; publishers of such indie legends as Peter Bagge, Chris Ware, Roberta Gregory and Daniel Clowes, they’ve also become the essential compiler of classic comics in complete or nearly-complete runs, going so far as to even take on the challenge of gathering a half-century of Peanuts. Now, heroically, they’ve added the sadly neglected Walt Kelly to the list; his legendary strip Pogo is the next big Fantagraphics project, and the first volume has just been released. In conjunction, there’s a small exhibit of Kelly’s strips at the Fantagraphics store on S. Vale Street in Seattle. It’s only up through January 4. Go see it if you can. (FULL ARTICLE: Mary Ann Gwinn, Seattle Times)