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Fifteen Masterworks from Bergamo’s Accademia Carrara At the Met

Bergognone, "Madonna del Latte"

Fifteen paintings usually isn’t much to hang a show on – what’s that fill, two galleries, maybe? Probably not even that for someone like Magritte or Dali; those guys worked small, you know. Then again, depending on the quality of the work, fifteen might wind up being a nice compact afternoons’ viewing – like, say, three-plus-a-dozen paintings that almost never leave Italy but are here, now, in New York, for the summer, because the Accademia Carrara is being renovated or something. For whatever reason, they’re here until the early fall, and it’s worth going to take a look even if you’re not much of a fan of Renaissance painting, just to see the four Lottos in the show, so that at your next party you can go “Pfft, Lotto? Of course I’ve seen Lotto. The Stoning of St. Stephen is a masterwork that you really just can’t get the full measure of unless you see it in person.” Then, see, you get to laugh and be smug, because come September that thing’s going back to the Accademia, and it’s not coming back. (FULL ARTICLE: Dan Bischoff, Newark Star-Ledger)