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Follow These Elderly Ladies Into the ‘Restroom’

"Get away from me, you masher!"This is a great idea, we should all do this! The next time you see an elderly lady on her way to the restroom, just trail along behind her! Say, “Hey, you need anything? I’m here to help!” Get her a towel and a mint! Tell her you’re happy to meet her!

Of course, In the Restroom at Rosenbloom’s is decidedly not about following ladies into the restroom and being creepy. Ludmilla Bollow knows, though, that one of the easiest ways to get people talking about your show is to give it the sort of title that implies that it might be about following ladies into a restroom, or hanging out in there with them, or at least has that element of provocation that makes the show stick in the head. So, then, In the Restroom is not in fact about the restroom, per se; it’s about the sitting area outside the restroom, and a trio of proud women. (FULL ARTICLE: Emily Hagedorn, Louisville Courier-Journal)