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Forgotten Irish Playwright is Resurrected in Ft. Worth

Kaleigh Parker as the Colleen Bawn

It’s not terribly often that a forgotten play by a forgotten dramatist is resurrected, and usually if they are we’re talking about “forgotten” in the sense of a Corneille or a Racine, who are still performed occasionally in non-commercial, or vaguely commercial, settings. I mean, those two shared a Modern Library volume in the 1940s. Read any Dion Boucicault recently? Thought so. Yet this is the sort of theater than, done reasonably well, can be very intriguing, like finding an old crate with a still-intact seal. Pantagleize Theatre Company’s current staging of Boucicault’s The Colleen Bawn (the title’s got something to do with fair hair and beauty), then, is whatever is in that crate. You have until Sunday to find out. (FULL ARTICLE: Mark Lowry, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)