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George F. Walker’s Cycle of Canadian Misery Begins at Walking Fish

Toronto native George F. Walker’s written two dozen plays in his career so far, which at current exchange rates is like twenty American plays, and yet do you know who George F. Walker is? Probably not, because he is from Canada, all tucked away down there. And yet his tales of existential despair and pornography and cheap hotel rooms would seem to fit right in with the current American dramatic scene, also we will soon all also be living in cheap hotel rooms, and even porno won’t pay the bills anymore. So we should probably crawl into Walker’s Tales of Woe and rest easily there, before the last countdown begins. Walking Fish Theatre, which loves a challenge, is going to stage the whole of GFW’s seven-play cycle Suburban Motel between here and next season; the first pair, The End of Civilization and Featuring Loretta, are up through the 30th. (FULL ARTICLE: Wendy Rosenfield, Philadelphia Inquirer)