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Grimy, Industrial Bushwick Is a New Hotbed of Galleries

Great swaths of Bushwick, Brooklyn, huge amounts of it, are still a burnt-out industrial wasteland whose residents have to travel forty-five minutes each way to buy groceries. It’s also got some of the cheapest rents in the city, especially on a square-footage basis, if you don’t mind a little grit. (Don’t worry, it won’t last; brokers are now calling Bushwick “East Williamsburg” and the rents are rising accordingly.) But, you know, people do still come to New York to try to be artists, and they need space to work and exhibit and live and whatnot, so more and more people are starting to carve little gallery spaces out of these wheezing old warehouses. What the hell, maybe New York’s still got some juice left. That’d be nice. (Jed Lipinski, The New York Times)