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Hail Austin, Which Is Turning its Old Phone Booths Into Art

Austinites keep saying things like “Please don’t move to Austin, because there is no room and we have termites and lizards and wow does it get hot down here,” all of which is understandable, especially since rent generally tends only to rise, but then they go and do something like the Pay Phone Revival Project and make it very, very difficult to not fantasize about throwing everything you own into a van and heading south. Here we have the Pay Phone Revival Project, a public-arts incentive created and organized by Austin-based artist Bridget Quinn, which takes those sad phone booths that no longer have phones in them and turns them into little, semipermanent art installations (semipermanent to the tune of six months or so, beginning April 28.) This is the cross you will continue to bear, Austin, I’m sorry: the more you do terrifically cool things like this, the more people you’re going to attract, lizards and heat be damned. (FULL ARTICLE: Tracie Chan, Austinist)