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Having Conquered All Other Worlds, Tom Hanks Is Now Considering Broadway

That headline is a slight exaggeration; Steve Martin is the only man among us who truly can be said to have conquered all possible worlds. Steve Martin invents worlds just so that he can conquer them. (See, this is where we challenge Tom Hanks to start playing the mandolin in Yo-Yo Ma’s Goat Rodeo, as a way of counterbalancing the Grammy Martin won for his banjo work, and to all of you who say Tom Hanks can’t play the mandolin, we say: Yet.) Wait, though – Tom Hanks has two Oscars, and Steve Martin has none. Never mind about the mandolin. Hanks is apparently looking for something new to fill his nights, though, and so there’s talk of him taking a role in Nora Ephron’s new play, Stories About McAlary, which Ephron wrote about former New York Daily News columnist Mike McAlary, who won a Pulitzer for reporting on the Abner Louima case in 1997 and had barely more than a year to enjoy it before dying of colon cancer on Christmas Day 1998 at 41. There are no further specifics, yet, but Tom Hanks on Broadway would be a treat, so channel your energies, mystics. (FULL ARTICLE: Andrew Gans, Playbill)