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Honoring the Bartender at Empire Stage’s ‘Last Call’

Just in case anyone’s wondering about this, let me be the voice of confirmation: bartenders work hard. Yes, they make decent money most places; yes, they get comped all over town; yes, there are some perks. But good bartenders bust it, and the ones that don’t aren’t around for very long. Terri Girvin is an actor and comedian in New York, and because you don’t recognize her name right offhand, you probably suspect that she does some time behind the stick as well. This would be an entirely accurate suspicion. She’s on hiatus from whatever place in New York she’s pouring at now, though, because she’s premiering her one-woman show Last Call down in Lauderdale. Listen, she walks eleven miles in this show, okay? Eleven miles. (FULL ARTICLE: Christine Dolan, The Miami Herald)