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Jacobs Will Play With the Kauffman’s Organ

HA HA, that is an entendre, yes? Anyway: Pipe organs are mesmerizing things. Need to set an ominous tone in a film? Pipe organ, minor key. But they can also bring an audience to the very edge of rapture, and they look like medieval weaponry, and they are loud oh my they are loud. (What we’re trying to say is that pipe organs are awesome and you should go watch one get played. Or go often, because the same pipe organ will sometimes respond crazily differently depending on whose hands are on the keyboard.) The Kauffman Center’s got itself a big organ, sailor, and has been looking for someone to come and play with it, if you catch me, and Paul Jacobs is going to rise (ahem) to that challenge, next weekend, playing Saint-Saëns’ Symphony #3 with the K.C. Symphony and Joshua Bell. (FULL ARTICLE: Patrick Neas, Kansas City Star)