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Lauren Weedman Shows her ‘Bust’ to Cleveland

Lauren Weedman did time on the Daily Show when it was still becoming itself (mid-2001 to fall 2002) and played a character on Hung named Horny Patty, and just by the way, if you see Lauren Weedman on the street do not yell out HEY, HORNY PATTY, HOW’S IT HANGING, because she does not like that and, thus, will not like you. Maybe you don’t care if Lauren Weedman likes you. That’s okay, that’s your prerogative, but Lauren Weedman is worth your time nonetheless, because she tells the truth. (Most of the time. You’ll see.) At any rate, this Bust, here, is her eighth solo show and deals with, among other things, neuroses, drug use, self-destruction and ladies in jail, and knowing Lauren Weedman, it’s probably pretty damned funny, as well. It’s part of the New Ground Theatre Festival, and kicks off at the Play House tomorrow night at 7:30. (FULL ARTICLE: Andrea Simakis, Cleveland Plain Dealer)