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LeeSaar Dance Looks for “Fame” in Montclair

Fame. Madonna has it. Lady Gaga has it. Bowie not only has it, he wrote a song about it. Jay-Z most definitely has it. (Skrillex does not, and never will, shut up, I can’t hear you.) It leads to free jewelry, and black Amex cards, and nice cars, and lots of sweaty, loutish guys shoving cameras in your face at every moment of the day. There is, it seems, a decided contrast between the good and the bad, to say nothing of what it’s done to Lindsay Lohan. And yet, people strive toward it, still. And why not? If we’ll make the Kardashians famous, we can probably find room for you, too. Fittingly enough, the refreshingly multicultural LeeSaar Dance Company – begun in Tel Aviv, based in New York, and featuring dancers from half-a-dozen countries – utilize a technique called Gaga in their new piece “Fame”, a commission by Montclair State’s Peak Performances that has its premiere at the university’s Alexander Kasser Theater on Thursday evening at 7:30. Will it make the LeeSaar company famous? It might! (Robert Johnson, Newark Star Ledger)