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Leo Villareal, Painting in Light, at Conner Contemporary

Because the world is ephemeral – rushing onward to the uncertain future, every moment potentially the last – one day even the Mona Lisa will fade and fall into the Sun. So why not paint in light? Plus, light paintings make galleries look like night clubs, except without extra-loud dubstep and drunk guys flailing around, or trying to talk to you, or both. These are things that Leo Villareal knows, which is why he’s hung a half-dozen new creations at Conner Contemporary Art. Unlike the tunnel he did at the National Gallery, these are fairly static and calm, so there’s no need to worry if you’re fighting a migraine or something – in fact, they might even be beneficial to the migraine sufferer. Whatever, though, they look nice, and sometimes you just want something that looks nice. So go to CCA and look at Leo’s light paintings and feel nice. Because we’re all going to fall into the Sun sooner or later. (FULL ARTICLE: Mark Jenkins, Washington Post)