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Lilly McElroy, Throwing Herself at Men Again.

Well, Lilly McElroy’s got something interesting going on – hurling herself at men. She’s being photographed at the same time, too, so this isn’t some example of latent psychosis making itself manifest, just another art project that takes boundaries and steps on them, or does away with traditional notions of what art is supposed to mean. Or maybe it was just an excuse to body check a couple dozen guys in a handful of states over the course of a few years. The photos do say something about taking a chance, sometimes a big one; regardless of what those guys say, there’s no guarantee that they’re actually going to catch McElroy. It looks like she irritated a lot of people, too, which is always nice. Anyone in Miami can head over to the Lunch Box gallery through February 25 and see for themselves. (FULL ARTICLE: Heather Murphy, Slate)