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MCA Detroit Has Some Post-Industrial Wonder Up Right Now

photo Michael Hodges/The Detroit News

What do you do when the industry around which you’ve built your entire city crumbles? Well, first you start rebuilding the industry. Then you bring in some new industries. You give them space and room to roam, and you watch as they, bit by bit, start bringing your city back. This is basically what Detroit’s been up to for awhile now, and it’s starting to bear fruit – more and more, people are moving to Motown to set up shop. And they’re making things. Not just art: they’re repairing buildings and opening coffee shops and slowly, slowly, drop by drop, bringing fresh new blood into a city that needs it. This new exhibit at MCA Detroit, Post-Industrial Complex, is full of perfect examples: a handmade motorcycle. A big wooden turbine. Bicycle-powered cement mixers. Minds = blown. (FULL ARTICLE: Michael H. Hodges, The Detroit News)