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MFA Boston Gets Big, Big Gift

photo Aram Boghosian/The Boston Globe

The Lanes, Saundra and William, they’ve given to MFA Boston before, evidenced very clearly by the fact that three different galleries in the Art of the Americas Wing are named after them. Not paltry gifts, either, as a cursory stroll through the Lane galleries will reveal: a little Georgia O’Keeffe, a little Marsden Hartley – the Lanes dug early American modernism before early American modernism was cool. This new gift, though, is of a magnitude that the museum’s curators had hoped for but hadn’t, really, expected to ever receive, and who could blame them – Saundra Lane just gave MFA Boston more than six thousand works of art, most of them photographs, a gift which could very conceivably run to nine figures in value. (FULL ARTICLE: Sebastian Smee, Boston Globe)