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Moving Company Goes to ‘War’, Laughs About It

Some nights, you get home and turn on the television, or the radio, or jump online, and after you’ve Drawn Something or whatever, you might – just – catch a little of the news, either local or national, and unless things have changed, drastically, you’re going to get – what? Depression. Drought. Flood. Sometimes drought AND flood. Arguments. Indelicacy. Hypocrisy. Judgment. Anger. A giant list of things that will kill you. Here’s why you should never go outside again. Did you know your blender is a weapon? There are days – hell, there are months – where the only logical reaction is laughter, at the noise and absurdity of it all. Luckily, there are also things like the Moving Company’s new War Within/All’s Fair to laugh at, a steamed slice of lunacy shot through with burlesque, which was at the Rarig Center last November and is now up at the Southern Theater through June 10. (FULL ARTICLE: Graydon Royce, Minneapolis Star-Tribune)