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Naughty Little ‘Birds’ at the New Museum

Ever had a bird fly into your house, or apartment, or duplex or whatever? It comes in, flaps around frantically, loses all control of its digestive tract, looking for all the world like it wants nothing more than a way out of your home and back into the wide wild blue? WRONG. You have been hoodwinked. That bird is casing the joint. They are a devilish genus, and not to be trusted. Hitchcock tried to warn us, but we thought that was just a film, ha ha, not a warning. Even now, there’s that game, Angry Birds, that everyone, pretty much, was playing not long ago, that purported to be a story about a bunch of birds being menaced by some dumb grinning green pigs? Yeah, that’s what they want us to think. You want more proof? Go take a look at Nathalie Djurberg’s new exhibition, The Parade (music by Hans Berg), which goes up at the New Museum on May 6. (FULL ARTICLE: Rachel Wolff, Blouin ARTINFO)