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New Classical Collective Aims to Shake Things Up a Little

The audience for classical music probably hasn’t really skewed young since the days when it wasn’t called classical music, by which we mean, a very, very long time ago. Orchestras and chamber groups all over the country have been feeling the pinch for awhile now – funding has shrunk, musicians have struck, some of the most highly-regarded orchestras in America have teetered on the brink of collapse. This is disheartening even to the lay observer, of course, but slightly more problematic for the 28-year-old bassoonist, just out of Juilliard, who now has to figure out what to do with his or her talents. Enter groups like the brand new, New York-based The Declassified, whose 46 members are all alumni of the elite Academy fellowship program and are attempting to remake the classical world for the 21st century. (FULL ARTICLE: Daniel J. Wakin, The New York Times)