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New Kennedy Center Festival Is Dedicated To Street Art

"Look Both Ways", that is, unless this thing is coming at you, in which case just run.

The Kennedy Center does great work, but it’s not really a stretch to say that most of what gets offered there is not exactly on the cutting edge. Which is fine, because a lot of the time the cutting edge is a dangerous and unsavory place to be, although it’s often colorful and cheap out there, too. The Kennedy Center is, generally, a little safer – chamber music and lectures and pops concerts and the like. Which is, again, perfectly fine and enjoyable. But the center’s board has been talking for quite awhile now about broadening its reach and attempting to appeal to a younger audience; whether or not this will work remains to be seen, of course, but credit them for taking a solid shot at it with this week’s Look Both Ways mini-festival, which is dedicated to street art and, fittingly, is not actually at the physical Center, but in parks and on streets throughout DC. So go wander. It runs through Saturday. (FULL ARTICLE: Amanda Abrams, Washington City Paper)