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New Redford Documentary ‘Watershed’ Is Streaming, Fittingly

The Colorado River is mighty enough to have carved the Grand Canyon over many, many millions of years on its trek from Colorado down through the desert to Sonoma and the Pacific. It is, as you may expect, a fairly important waterway, and one we might not want to mess with too much, lest we finally find the point at which “mighty” starts to become “a trickle”. This is the sort of thing that rarely stops us, though, and as a result the Colorado River is in some trouble these days, for a number of reasons that are too complex to really go into right now except to say that people probably had something to do with it. Which is kind of a useless summation and is rather unhelpful; happily, Robert Redford and his son James are here to clear the waters a bit, with their new documentary Watershed, which is streaming at Do Something Reel throughout May.