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New Revival of ‘Godspell’ Has Seven Hundred Investors

The usual way that Broadway shows get financed is probably roughly akin to the usual way that anything gets financed: a handful of painfully wealthy people put up significant sums of money, and if the show flops, or doesn’t make money, or whatever, hey, no big deal, take the tax write-off, whatever that is. The producers of the new Godspell revival took a different path, relying instead on hundreds of “People of Godspell “, some of whom pledged as little as a thousand dollars to the show (which, yes, in Broadway terms, is a very, very small amount of money) and get for their money a chance to have their voices and opinions heard by the show’s lead producer, and, in doing so, become a part of the Broadway process usually reserved for the sort of moguls who can afford to lose a couple of hundred thousand dollars on a show. You’d think that a Broadway show whose producer has to occasionally chair a meeting with seven hundred participants, on top of all his other responsibilities, would be clinging desperately to the last lingering threads of his sanity, but apparently this little experiment is actually working. (FULL ARTICLE: Patrick Healy, The New York Times)