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New Stages For Some Bay Area Theater Companies

And by “new stages”, in some cases, we mean “no stages”. Or at least not any permanent ones.
Look, the economy’s slowly starting to grow again, but we’re nowhere near back to being in clover. Maybe we’re in ragweed. We might not even be there yet. BUT THEATER WAITS FOR NO MAN. There are a lot of interesting theater companies at work in the Bay Area right now: Mugwumpin is doing a play about criminally undersung genius Nikola Tesla at the Old Mint, the Home Theater Festival is coming back in the spring, and Boxcar Theater is doing Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love in a motel. Much like these haunted houses that have started springing up each fall in old hotels in New York, these theater companies are dragging the idea of a “performance space” kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and this is something exciting, people, embrace it. (FULL ARTICLE: Reyhan Harmanci, Bay Citizen, The New York Times)