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Next at EMPAC: “The White Room” Myth-making Pop Music with Francis and the Lights

(Larry Murray, Berkshire On Stage) American culture has been defined by pop music. It’s who we are—and our pop stars must cultivate a persona, a delicate balance of conscious mythmaking and absolute earnest humanity. Beneath its commercial surface, there is a depth of artistry that most people remain totally oblivious about. For the adventurous, there is always more to be discovered. I think Francis and the Lights is about to happen as more and more open minded music explorers embrace their cross-disciplinary concepts and creations.

Checking out Francis and the Lights – who are coming up at EMPAC at RPI in Troy, NY on October 28-29, – it was hard to put a finger on just what was so appealing and mesmerizing about the group. Their combination of music, stage presence and underlying artistry is simply unique.